Organic Foods: to spend, or not to spend, that is the question (for me!). I used to buy mostly organic, and I loved it! I focused on buying foods that were listed on the dirty dozen list such as sweet peppers, apples, potatoes, and spinach. When we needed to cut back...

Here are some scenarios:

You just had a baby and need to begin a workout program again, but you do not know how to get back to where you used to be, or you just need to make a plan of action to take you there. 

Have you ever heard that you can train your upper and lower ab’s? I have heard that, too! Recently, I have seen this pop up from people in the fitness world.

Sausage, Egg, & Cheese with a lite twist! This breakfast delight is a crowd pleaser for get-togethers and tastes great for any time of the day! It is kid-friendly (if you take out the jalapenos). Pair with your favorite fruit or veggie for a side dish if desired!

One way to make an exercise more challenging is to change lever length. The load your body must resist when completing one repetition of an exercise (such as when you do one bicep curl or one crunch) is affected by how far away the load is from the pivot point. Let me explain:

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