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1 Year All Access Dance Corps On Demand

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  • Workouts backed by peer reviewed journal articles.
  • Easy-to-follow dance & cardio moves to help you burn the most calories for you.
  • Each exercise is carefully designed for maximum benefit and significant purpose.
  • Methods & exercises based on one of the best of the fitness industry’s personal training certifications.
  • Safety is a priority for all workouts, and many intensity options are provided for your success.


  • Dance styles you love to do combined with various, effective strength training techniques for optimum results that keep your body adapting.
  • Enjoy numerous outdoor locations while working out from home or on the run.
  • Dance Corps 4 Challenges to push you to the next level at the end of the workouts.
  • Military vibes to give you that boot camp feel during the Dance Corps 4 Challenges and HIIT/STRENGTH workouts.
  • See why people rave about the way I teach and say that I am the best!


  • Contact me for resources & guidance on improving your diet for your health & your goals.
  • I am encouraging, and I believe in you--- you see this in all my workouts!
  • Join the DC Dance Crew! Gain support from community on our private Facebook group to support you along your wellness journey.
  • No equipment necessary to begin! Choose from dance-only, stretching recovery or HIIT workouts that do not require equipment. 
  • New workout added every month!

Don’t Work Out...Work In!

We know it’s been tough out there. But we’re here to help you keep your spirits high, your mood elevated, and your immunity boosted

Types of Workouts
The Method

You also receive:

  • There is something for everyone at Dance Corps!
  • 3 phases of Training for optimal results
  • Sculpt and tone, or relax and restore
  • Dance Corps 4 Challenges at the end of most workouts to keep your body guessing
The Method

You also receive:

  • Target your abs and more!
  • Perfect for those new to exercise or if you are wanting to spice up your current program
  • Easy-to-follow Dance, balance work and muscular endurance training
  • Equipment used: long exercise band with handles, and mat
The Method

You also receive:

  • Maximum calories burned
  • Take your workout to the next level
  • Hip Hop Dance for recovery mixed with speed, agility and power drills
  • Equipment used: mat
The Method

You also receive:

  • Boost your metabolism to burn more calories
  • Easy-to-follow Dance mixed with heavy weight training to chisel women and bulk men
  • Equipment used: heavy weights and mat