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Ten women will have the opportunity to be a part of this new and exciting 4 week group! Come alongside other women who share similar goals as you. A place where we lift each other up, understand each other’s struggles, and become more fit and strong, challenging ourselves in new, fun ways!! We use workout videos from the Dance Corps website or app, so you can workout anytime, anywhere, on your own time!

THIS is also why I am extremely pumped about this group: TWO BIG THINGS!! Backed by peer-reviewed studies, my personal training clients’ successes, and training I have used for years to stay in shape. The Dance Corps Periodized Program Model’s CORE Phase Program is COMPLETE and available for the first time to this group!! This 8 week CORE program is ideal for the recreational exerciser who trains 3 or more days a week. Not quite there yet? No problem! I have 4 week workout plans for various goals, so you can pick the best one for you! Secondly, Luxe Rewards if you Follow one Dance Corps Workout Plan for 4 weeks. I am talking Dance Corps Activewear, A Dance Corps Water Bottle that is AMAZING, or 6 months FREE OnDemand Subscription!!! Up to a $130 value!!! 

If you want to see more muscle definition and crush any standstill plateaus you have experienced, this group is for you! The intensity for this group is intermediate (but you can add in any Dance Corps HIIT workouts you wish along the way!). We use long bands with handles to push ourselves through the Dance Corps CORE training OnDemand Workouts. 3 Workout Videos a week ranging from 24 to 60 minutes each for the entire CORE Phase of Training. All workouts can be done on your time on the Dance Corps App or from the website! This also is for ladies that like to do dance workouts!

This is our timeline!:

Jan. 5- Jan. 15: Sign up (only 10 spots available!)

Jan. 15- Jan. 21: Get to know the group social activities on our Private Facebook Group 

Jan. 22: GO TIME! Begin the 4 week Workout Plan!

You also receive:

  • Access to the private Facebook Group to stay connected with the group!
  • Three Months access to all Dance Corps OnDemand workout videos!
  • An Exercise Plan that the group will follow to gain more muscle definition and to crush plateaus (you receive the exclusive CORE Phase of Training 8 week program along with 4 other workout plans for varying goals!)
  • Access to me when you have questions on anything related to fitness and health!
  • Healthier Recipes shared on the private Facebook Group Page!
  • A chance to enter a giveaway during the 4 weeks to win a cool prize!

This is YOUR time to come together with this group for a great, uplifting experience to enhance your health! 

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