How can I slim down before my wedding?
I always let women know that they are beautiful the way they currently are! Still, many women for various reasons have weight loss goals, especially before their wedding day. There are healthy weight ranges for women, and losing 2 pounds per week maximum is the safe amount to lose. 
I personally excel at weight loss for women. I have helped many women lose pounds and inches over the years, and I have helped hundreds get in shape! 
Many women have goals to lose weight before their wedding day. If you have goals to see more muscle definition or to lose inches for weight loss, see my personal tips below: 

  1. Walking before you walk down the aisle 
How much movement do you do in a day? Increasing the amount of physical activity that you do daily will lead to more calories burned (not to mention a healthier lifestyle!). Here are a few ideas to boost your movement regularly:
💍 Park further away from stores in the parking lot 
💍 Go on more leisurely walks (add your pup for a bonus!) 
💍 Take the stairs instead of an elevator 
💍 How else can you move more daily? 

  1. Cake Tasting & Food Logging
Whether or not you are going cake tasting with your groom, taking a look at your nutrition is something that can help you reach your goals for weight loss. Completing a 3 day food log using the My Fitness Pal app or a written log that you make yourself can help you see what you eat on a regular basis. Log 2 week days and one weekend day. Logging certain parts of what you eat and drink like the calories you consume for the whole day and the number of times you eat can help you pinpoint areas you may decide to work on as your wedding day approaches. To see nutrition recommendations, visit

  1. Tiaras & Tabata 
Changing the type of workouts you do on a regular basis can help you continue to see results. Once you build your core and muscular strength, hiit workouts with speed, power & agility work can boost your weight loss and muscle tone. You will even burn more calories after your workouts are completed just by using hiit drills! 
Are you ready to commit to a wedding workout program and healthy changes in your lifestyle to see greater results for your goals? Together we can get you where you want to be by your wedding day! It is time to sign up for your virtual complementary BRIDE45 session on zoom where we will talk one-on-one and make a plan for you to crush your goals by your big day! Sign up today for your free workout band and tape measure! 
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