Should I workout on my wedding day?

On your big special day, there will be so much joy! You will be very busy with all the details that will be falling in place to make your dreams become a reality. 

Adding a workout to your wedding day may be something that you think about doing for yourself. If you think you may have wedding day jitters, planning in a favorite workout of yours may be very uplifting for you the day of your wedding! Even if you sweat a little bit, if you thoroughly enjoy your work out and if it will bring you peace, then it is completely good to do the day of your wedding!

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Dirty Hair, Don’t Care. Many hairstylists will recommend that you arrive to the salon with dirty hair on the day of your wedding (having had washed it at least one day before so it is not super clean). Of course, this may not be the case for all brides needing their hair to be done for their wedding. For many brides, they can do most any type of workout they would like the morning of their wedding day since their hair will more than likely not be affected. Your makeup also will not be affected by if you workout on your wedding day. You will have enough time to wash your face and get to your makeup appointment (or to apply your own makeup) to have your makeup look perfect for your wedding!
  1. R&R for all those Photos. Another thing to consider is you might want to save your energy for your big day. You might want to think about doing something that is less strenuous on your wedding day so you can save all your energy for your reception and for all your photos with your wedding party.
  1. Dive in, or Don’t? If swimming is a type of exercise you find that you wish to do the day of your wedding, here are a few things to consider. If you are wearing your hair down completely and do not plan to curl your hair or do anything else with your hair, then washing your hair after you swim and styling it will be fine. However, if you wish to do and up do, it is recommended that you have dirty hair when you go to your hair appointment. Blow dry your hair after swimming could very well work for you if you have an updo appointment, but if you plan to wear your hair down with curls or down in any specific way were you still need to partially style your hair, I would not recommend swimming as a mode of exercise the day of your wedding. Be very relaxing if you’re leisurely moving about for aqua aerobics in a fall, but that may be one type of work out you decide to avoid on your wedding day.
  1. Wedding Day Workout Ideas. Here are types of workouts you may find energizing on your wedding day: yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, stretching, your favorite songs to dance around to, and a relaxing walk.

If you are looking for an upbeat, feel good, not too strenuous workout, I recommend a couple of workouts from our Dance Corps OnDemand! You can enjoy these before your wedding day as well as on your big day! 

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