How soon before your wedding should you start working out?

Your wedding date is set, and you are so excited to begin forever with your husband-to-be! With your wedding date, also comes your wedding dress. Sometimes brides want to amp up their current workout routine or begin exercising all together to get ready for their big day and to look their best in their dress. If you want to begin working out, here are some tips I want to share with you!

The best time to start a workout program is when you feel motivated. If that is you right now, then right now is the time to start! The best time to move forward on any type of behavior change in your life is when you are ready to begin making changes in your life toward your ultimate long-term goal.

What are some safe ways to start?

Thirty minutes three days a week is a realistic way to begin a workout program. It is not essential to begin exercising more than 3 days a week at the start of a workout program, and setting out to do more than 3 days a week will most likely lead you to not being able to continue after the first couple weeks. Easing into a lifestyle change will help you to be more successful and feel accomplished as you make & reach your short-term goals.

Another key safety recommendation is to choose workouts that do not have jumping and/or explosive movements in the beginning of your wedding workout program. Building core strength and strength training all muscles is the safe way to begin a workout program before adding HIIT workouts. Always use a warmup in the beginning of your workouts, and always end with a cool down/stretch for the muscles you used. This will help you prevent injury.

To begin your journey, email or message me on my social media channels, and I will get you set up with your personalized wedding workout plan that will have you meeting your long-term goals by your wedding day!